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I listen for the whisper of your sweet insanity

while I formulate denials of your affect on me

Precision Animosity
OOOOHHH yes lets be clever, disarming, charming and interesting so's the kind peoples will like us.

I don't want to

Shuuuuut up stupid...

Who're you calling stupid?...stupid

This isn't Kansas and I am not your fucking auntie Em so move on

abnormal psychology, addictions, analyzing, animosity, apocalypse at its finest, art, bisexuality, black markers, blanket forts, bleeding, blood art, blowing things up, bondage, books, burning things, carnage, castles, cemeteries, charlie the squeaky whale, clever idiocy, coffee shop conspiracies, cooking the yumminess, corsets, cuddle whore, cutting, dark humor, defects, delirium, dellusions of grandeur, dementia, depravity, depression, destruction, dirty secrets, duct tape, erotica, eroticism, explosives, eyes, fantasy, fetish, fire, foreign films, foreplay, found poetry, fucked up poetry, fucking, gay and lesbian rights, gin and pancakes, glasses, glitter, halloween, hallucinations, hands, hat junkie, hate mail, history, homocidal tendencies, horror, insanity, insomnia, intellectual conversation, ireland, jazz, kink, knives, late night phone calls, learning, macabre, manic episodes, masturbation, midget sherpas, midnight picnic, mind games, mischief, misery, monogamy, movies, murder, museums, music music music, mutilation, my demons, naked twister, naps, nightmare before christmas, open minds, orgasms, orgies, pain, paranoia, penetration, pens, photography, playing in the rain, poetic massacres, poetry, pointless road trips, pool noodles, porn, psychology, psychopaths, puddles, rage, rain, rejected optimism, religion, revolution, rough sex, sadistic humour, sarcasm, scars, scratching, sex, sexual exploration, sexuality, sharp objects, shiny things, slapping self-righteous morons, sleep, sleep deprivation, sparkles, split personalities, spontaneity, sporks, squishy things, stars, straight jackets, stream line thought, stupidity, submission, subreality, sunrises, sunsets, tattoos, tea, the asthetics of death, theories, thunderstorms, tim burton, tongues, toys, transforming horror into perfection, travelling, uniforms, vincent price, voices in my head, whoring for jebus, writing