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 Congratulations North Carolina!! We saw one inch of snow for 90% of a day! Wow, just wow...truly incredible.

......Meanwhile my hometown in Canada got a foot in four hours....

She whispered regret

It is very hard for me to make a commitment to anything or anyone
But when I do, I am fully in...
It is very hard for me to be emotionally invested in anything or anyone
But when I am, it is solid...

Procrastination, logic, painstakingly weighing pros and cons, being a realist

These are my downfalls

I had my moment today

It was too late

Happy Slash

I am livid
annoyed with simply everything
that you touch
that you breathe
with the air
and the sky
hovering over.
I could burn every memory
every everything that there is
without hesitation
I am seething
and confused
out of my skin
out of my head
ill prepared
I lack surprise
from yet another endeavour
which only irritates
the skin untouched by bitterness
and that angers
it is enraging
Emotion overthrown
Breathing through
Breathing through this
Breathing through this animosity